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  • Plasty
    Plasty - Funny Pet Pictures
    We moved to a much better place with lots of space for all my "kids" and Plasty was just waiting for us there, I guess...the others came three months later in September 14. Hopefully they will find..click the link for more
  • Halloween Harlee
    Halloween Harlee - Funny Pet Pictures
    HALLOWEEN HARLEE! Can't you tell he was not a happy pumpkin here. DOES NOT like to dress up! LOL! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!
  • Pumpkin Being Funny
    Pumpkin Being Funny - Funny Pet Pictures
  • A Friendly Reminder
    A Friendly Reminder - Funny Pet Pictures
    Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, this photo is to remind people to practice breast self exam or enlist the help of a good friend! (These are two rescue animal residents of my Refuge -..click the link for more
  • Pixie Loves Her Witch Costume
    Pixie Loves Her Witch Costume - Funny Pet Pictures
    Pixie loves her witch costume.... She just happened to be yawning that made for the perfect creepy witch picture.
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